Friday, April 16, 2021
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Due to COVID-19 Stay Home Mandates - CALL Before Attending Grange Events


Family Activities Corner / CWA
State Family Activities Director:

Dawn Percoski
Vernon Grange #52
384 N. Maple St.
Enfield, CT 06082
Tel. 860-698-6608

E-mail the Family Activities Director


Anne-Marie Knochenhauer
Groton Community Grange #213

Claudia Sopstyle
Vernon Grange #52

Patricia Tarca
Cawasa Grange #34

Family Activities News ...
Family Activities News: Keep Those Hand Busy

Well, in this modern world of zoom meetings, sometimes not all goes as planned. We have to be able to take things in stride when that happens and do our best to persevere. After trying to log in for our Last Regional Meeting in February (and failing), I put my best foot forward and moved on. The CFA committee held a separate meeting to conduct our business and then we held the raffle.

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Family Activities News: Help Support the 2021 Family Activities Projects

As I am writing this article, I am looking out my window and it’s raining and snowing. The weather doesn’t know exactly know which way it is leaning toward. Like it’s on the brink. I hope that it will just clear up and be nice and sunny. Just as I hope that we can all start meeting in person again and get back to normal.

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Family Activities Notes ...

Connecticut State Grange
Family Activities/CWA
Gift Basket Raffle Drawing
and Winter Meeting

Sunday, February 28
1:00 PM

The CT State Grange Family Activities / CWA Committee will be raffling off this beautiful gift basket. You can get your tickets from your CWA Chairman - 2 for $1.00. You have until February 14th to buy your tickets. 

We will hold our last special CWA/Family Activities Zoom meeting on Sunday, February 28th at 1:00 pm and at that meeting we will have the drawing for the gift basket and announce the winner.

Send an e-mail to Director Dawn Percoski at cwa@ctstategrange.org for the Zoom Meeting access links/numbers for the February 28th meeting, and for more information.

Family Activities Projects ...

The Family Activities Committee coordinates many projects for each Grange to undertake throughout the year. These projects include the Country Store at the New England Grange bulding, monetary donations, working with Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, and more. For information on these projects, please visit the following:

Family Activities Projects Page

Duties of Pomona Chairman ...

• Make a short report at each regular Pomona meeting.
• Promote all contests within your Pomona.
• Assist the State Committee when requested.
• Encourage your Grange to contribute monetarily to the State CWA projects.
• Send annual report to the State Director by September 15th.

Download Pomona Family Activities Report Form

Duties of Subordinate Chairman ...

• Report at each regular meeting.
• Explain and promote all contest and projects.
• Put on ONE program (or part of a program) for the Lecturer.
• Encourage your Grange to contribute monetarily to the State CWA projects.
• Send copies of the annual report to the Pomona Chairman AND State Director by September 1st.

Download Subordinate Family Activities Report Form

Visit the CT State Grange Family Activities/CWA Committee Facebook Page ...

Stay up to date with the CT State Grange Family Activities/CWA Committee by liking their page on Facebook.

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Tools available for Download ...

Visit the Downloads page to find numerous brochures, posters, forms, and more available for download for all aspects of the Grange in Connecticut.

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