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Grange Celebration

By Reminder News (8/21/07)

  AUGUST 21, 2007 --

On Aug. 25, Grange members from around the state of Connecticut will be gathering at the Goodwill Grange Hall, 43 Naubuc Ave., Glastonbury, for judging of their CWA Needlework, Crafts, and bake contests. There will be a photo contest. Judging is at 11 a.m. Following the judging the public is invited to view the entries.

The Youth Committee will be having a lunch booth from 11:30 on. The Grange will be open to the public for the rest of the day and there is no charge except for lunch. Evening entertainment of music and fun will start at 7 p.m. with free refreshments. This event is sponsored by the statewide Granges of Connecticut.

The Grange is a fraternal organization with roots in rural and agricultural history. The Connecticut Grange started in Glastonbury. Granges have programs of community service, family activities, legislation , and other activities relevant to local communities.

For more information please call Betty Jane Gardiner at 860-658-2855 or Marge Bernhardt at 203-272-4620.



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