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Family Activities News
Family Activities News: Needs For The Big E

By Irene Percoski, CT State Grange CWA/Family Activ. Director

  May 9, 2017 --

The following is a wish list of craft and needlework items for the Country store at the Big E. Please clip this out and keep it handy.

Large and medium afghans

Baby afghans, sweater sets, head bands, slippers, toys, etc. for babies. (include size when possible)

Long Kleenex box plastic canvas covers

Quilted Wall hangings

Corn bags for microwave

Dog toys, scarves and knitted sweaters

Cat beds and catnip toys (please use fresh catnip)

Wool felted dryer balls –these go into the dryer and help the clothes dry faster

Half-towels, (LOTS), full size aprons, tote bags, and plastic bag holders.

Draft stoppers


Adult slippers, hats, mittens, winter scarfs (some in colors for men, dark greens and blues)

Children’s mittens and hats, lots of small and medium sizes.

Women’s sweaters (please attach note with size)

Stuffed toys for all ages

Adult bibs, medium and large sizes.

Embroidered pillow cases, napkins, small table cloths.

Couch and toss pillows

Refrigerator magnets (use large enough magnet with a good glue)

Well-made Christmas ornaments, wall decorations, Stockings, toys etc.

Thanksgiving, Halloween and winter season items of all kinds

Please do not send items for other seasons as they do not sell well.

Please continue to make the other things you do even if they are not listed here as they sell very well. Keep in mind that our patrons are looking for the items we have and are sold out fast as many, many people come here first every year because they love the high quality of hand and homemade items.

If you would like to work at the Big E, you must contact the State Master, Noel Miller, by the end of June as tickets need to be ordered well in advance.


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