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Family Activities News
Family Activities News: Reminders on Judging

By Irene Percoski, CT State Grange CWA/Family Activ. Director

  April 7, 2017 --

I have asked all Pomona CWA chairpersons to have three judges and have an accounting of how each one scored each entry. This seems to be causing some confusion. The sample for scoring that was sent out was a guideline, not something rigid. It doesn’t matter if each entry is given a simple score from one to ten or a more detailed score for workmanship, color difficulty of pattern, etc. The important thing is to have three judges rating each piece, with the ribbons given accordingly.

It’s also important that Pomona judging be finished before June 10th, which is when the State judging will take place at Cheshire Grange. Please try to have all entries there before noon. Winners will be on display on Sunday morning June 11th, and can be picked up after lunch. One last item of note; the baking contest calls for five (5) cookies on a plate. Please make sure your name and Grange name and number be written on the bottom of the plate. Good luck to all.


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