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Family Activities News
Family Activities News: On To The Big E

By Irene Percoski, CT State Grange CWA/Family Activ. Director

  July 5, 2017 --

Our State Contests have been judged and all first place winners now go on to the Big E for the Northeast Needlework Contest. A complete list is printed in this issue. I hope you have clipped last month’s list of items to make for the Big E and are busy making something. Preparations for opening the building are set for Labor Day when items are marked, the building is cleaned and set-up begins. If you can get your items to me before Labor Day I will be happy to deliver them for you. If you would like to help on that day, call me. My phone # is 860-749-0463.

Now is a good time to remember our animal friends. Please think of helping an animal rescue or shelter with a contribution of food, blankets and perhaps some toys. Most are very happy to accept old but usable bath towels and blankets. Check the yellow pages for one near you.


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