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CWA: Memory Book Instructions
  JANUARY 2008 --

Many children in Foster Care never have an opportunity to save mementos of their lives. We hope that by providing these Memory Books, they will have a place to put pictures, special awards and other “important things” for safe keeping.

Materials Needed:

•  Any 3 ring binder (used ones are often available from businesses, etc. Soft covers may be used by reinforcing inside with cardboard).

•  Fiberfill batting cut to size of open binder

•  Approximately 3/4 yard fabric

•  Fabric glue or glue gun

•  Popsicle stick

•  Trims as desired


• Place open binder on batting. Cut batting the size of the binder.

• Squiggle glue on outside of binder and press batting in place.

• Cut a piece of fabric 1 inch larger (all around) than binder.

• Lay binder on wrong side of fabric. Clip fabric at each side of metal piece at top and bottom of binder for ease of pushing fabric under.

• Put glue under the top and bottom of metal part of binder. Using Popsicle stick, push fabric under metal part.

• Run a bead of glue around the inside edge of the binder. Fold fabric over and secure in place, using popsicle stick. (Hold lengthwise and draw over fabric to smooth.)

• Fold corners and fasten with a spot of glue.


To Finish Inside:

• Cut a piece of fabric 1 inch larger than 1/2 of the binder (all around). This can be of contrasting fabric or the same as the outside.

• Fold under on 3 sides.

• Run a bead of glue under the metal edge of binder. Push fabric under with Popsicle stick.

• Run a bead of glue around the inside edge on 3 sides and secure folded edge of fabric in place. Repeat above for remaining side. (Lace or ruffle trim may be inserted and glued in before securing the folded edge on the inside).

• Decorate outside, if desired, with trims, buttons, etc.

• Insert some type of scrapbook pages. (4 or 5 are enough).



These may be donated within each Subordinate Grange's community or given to any State CWA member for distribution. We hope to present some of these Memory Books to the Foster Family Representative during State Session.


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