Sunday, July 15, 2018
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Connecticut State Grange Committees
Please click on the Committee Name to be directed to that specific Committee's page.
Legislative Committee Alma Graham (Director)
Charles Dimmick
George Ward
Russell Gray
Gordon Gibson (Legislative Liason)

Membership Committee Jody Cameron (Director)
Maggie Buck
Ted Beebe

Family Activities Committee

Irene Percoski (Director)
Marge Sendewicz
Edith Schoell
Cindy Legg
Mary Lou Raymond

Public Relations Committee

Terri Fassio (Co-Director)
Robert Charbonneau (Co-Director)
Martha Trask
Don Offinger
Frank Forrest

Agriculture / Conservation Committee Chris Bourque (Director)
Jon Russell
Dennis Jasmine
Nancy Mascio
Ted Powell (Mentor)

Youth Committee Anne-Marie Knochenhauer (Co-Director)
Jean Meehan (Co-Director)

Junior Committee

Michelle DeDominicis (Co-Director)
Kathy Teft (Co-Director)

Social Connection Joanne Cipriano (Director)
Barbara Robert

Education Committee Nancy Weissmuller (Director)
Nancy Strong
Dawn Percoski

President & Editor -
Todd A. Gelineau

Secretary/ Treasurer -
Edith Schoell
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