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From The Historian's Desk
Field Days, anyone?

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  SEPTEMBER 2009 --

Over the years, the Pomona Granges have been active by bringing the members of Subordinate Granges together to exchange ideas, problems and acting as the legislative branch of the Order.  Members have worked together in their efforts to “better manhood and womanhood.”  Today I am turning back the pages to 1940 to mention a few of the Pomona Granges and what they reported at the State Session held in Bridgeport in January 1941.

All Pomona Masters praised their Home Economics Committee (CWA) for doing outstanding work as well as their Lecturers for fine programs.  Mountain County Pomona, Fairfield County Pomona, Seaview and Farmington Valley Pomonas all reported having successful Field Days.

New Haven County Pomona reported their largest attendance at a meeting in April of that year.  They entertained Fairfield County with 426 present!  (Where did they put all those members?)

Seaview reported having 8 meetings - 4 day and 4 evening.  The Fifth Degree was conferred at 2 day and 2 evening meetings.

Maybe we should bring back “Field Days” by combining Pomonas and having a little competition.  A friendly game of horseshoes or a ball game might be fun.


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