Monday, March 04, 2024
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Lecturer's Corner
State Lecturer / Programming Director:

Dave Roberts
Riverton Grange #69 / Granby Grange #5
P.O. Box 155
Riverton, CT 06065
Tel. (860) 469-5067

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From the Lecturer's Desk ...
From the Lecturer’s Desk: News & Notes

Following our first major snowstorm of the year, Judy Doyle and I journeyed to Concord, New Hampshire, to attend the 2024 North East Region Leadership Conference.

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From the Lecturer’s Desk: National Rolls Out Program

Connecticut State Grange members had a wonderful time attending the 156th Annual National Grange Convention in Niagara Falls. While the fellowship and learning opportunities were plentiful, so much was learned about the future of our beloved organization which just celebrated its latest birthday on December 4th.

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Lecturer's Notes ...
Lecturers' Round-Up

Sunday, November 19, 2023 at 7:00 PM

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April is Grange Month . . .

The month of April each year is designated as Grange Month. Each Grange should plan to celebrate Grange in some special way during the month.

ProgramDirector/Lecturer's Program Information . . .

NOTE: Program Director/Lecturers can submit their monthly Lecturer Reports and their annual Honor Lecturer Program Report to the State Lecturer either electronically to lecturer@ctstategrange.org or regular mail (P.O. Box 155, Riverton, CT 06065). 


All programs should be up to 30 minutes in length as appropriate and include music, information, participation, inspiration and humor where possible. While all programs do not have to include all of these components, they are an essential part of a Lecturer/Program Director’s program.  ZOOM programs are also acceptable and should average at least 10 minutes in length and include quizzes and other numbers that will encourage everyone on the virtual meeting to actively participate.


(In 2021-2022, seven Granges earned this award!)

CRITERIA for Community and Pomona Granges:

1. Be responsible for a suitable program at every meeting.
2. Programs should be as appropriate up to 30 minutes in length.
3. Cooperate with your Grange Committees.
4. Reports to the State Grange Lecturer/Program Director should be submitted in a timely manner.
5. Submit a request to the Connecticut State Grange Lecturer not later than September 30th that your Grange Lecturer has qualified for this award.

2022-2024 HONOR LECTURER’S AWARD . . .

(In 2021-2022, six Granges earned this award!)

CRITERIA for Community and Pomona Granges:

  1. Meet requirements for the Lecturer’s Appreciation Award listed above.
  2. Participate in at least 3 additional contests or projects (Heirloom, Photo, Complete, “Honoring Our Elders”, “A Word from Home”, or “Initiate a New Program”.
  3. Submit a Grange in Action or a Golden Grange in Action nomination to National Grange and copy the Connecticut State Grange Lecturer.
  4. Submit a request to the Connecticut State Grange Lecturer not later than September 30th that your Grange Lecturer has qualified for this award.

National Grange “Heirloom” Program . . .

National Grange initiated a five-year program to teach members and “potential members” about the ritual, history and beliefs of the Grange. This five-year program introduces one short lesson each month, corresponding with the Degree season, and launched in March 2022 with Year A (1st Degree – Spring). These brief lessons can be presented during your normal meeting in the “Conferring Degrees” or “Good of the Order” portion.  

All of the Heirloom Program materials are currently available at bit.ly/grangeheirloom - please utilize the materials as you see fit!  National Grange will continue adding to the folder as material is complete and ready to use. Items included are the yearly pamphlets, posters, social media posts, and some suggested activities that can be distributed and completed. It also includes a handy social media sharing guide that can be easily copied-and-pasted into your social media feeds.  

Heirloom Program lessons could provide a “jumping off” point for your newsletter/magazine articles, or you could ask another officer or committee chairperson/director to reflect on the lessons in their pieces.  Encourage your local Lecturers/Program Directors to use this information not to replace the Lecturer’s program, but as a supplement elsewhere in the meeting or create discussion points for potlucks or contests. Encourage your Lecturers to work with the other officers to find a place for use, and make it a quick, regular part of your Community Grange meetings.  

Please share “success stories” about the use of the program with me, or if you come up with other innovative ways to incorporate the Program in your Granges.  


(formerly Should Auld Acquaintance)

Provide assistance to a Convalescent, Nursing or Rest Home at least 4 times during the course of the year. May be programs, gifts, or any type of help the home requests. This should be done in the name of the Grange. If unsure whether or not you qualify, please submit your report and let us decide. Deadline for report: September 30th.

A Word From Home - Letter Writing Project

Write to a service man or woman serving overseas. Let’s let our troops know that we care. These can be sent to someone from your area, you can get addresses at www.anysoldier.com. Letters must be done in the name of your Grange. Packages should also include a letter. Deadline for report: September 30th.

Complete Program…

Subject for 2023 is “America, 100 Years Ago"; subject for 2024 is “The Impact of Women on Grange”. Each year, the complete program should be presented at your Grange. The full program must be sent to the State Lecturer by September 30th each year, to be considered.  Complete details of the program must be included with your submission. Length: As appropriate up to 45 minutes.

Photo Contest - Four Categories

This contest is open to all Grangers (Junior, Youth, 1+ and Grange). We will again have a “Best in Show” picture which will go to National Grange for judging. Tentative plans call for judging to be held at the State Grange Family Festival in the Spring and winning photos will be displayed at the State Grange Convention and then returned to their owners.

The four photo categories are:

  1. My America/Grange Activities
  2. Animals
  3. Old Trucks/Barns
  4. Let’s Make a Snowman


1. Only prints accepted.
2. Participants may enter all five categories, but are limited to one entry in each category. 3. Entries must have been taken by the participant since the last State Grange judging.
4. No glass or frames are allowed on photos.
5. Print may be processed commercially, but it must have been taken by the entrant.
6. Size of photo/backing (if used): No smaller than 4”x6” or larger than 11”x14”.
7. Entrant’s name, contest category, Grange/Grange number, and phone number must be placed on the back of each entry.

Initiate A New Program Contest

Why don’t you complete a needs assessment in your area and initiate a new program.  For example, you could initiate a Mental Health Awareness project, Veteran of the Month Program or a Youth Outreach Activity.  What does your area need?  If unsure whether or not you qualify, please submit your report and let us decide. Deadline for report: September 30th.

Northeast Grange Lecturers Conference . . .

A conference is planned for the summer of 2024. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Ritual Programs

Since National Grange is over 155 years old, our Grange has developed and we now cherish many rituals over the decades.  Each Lecturer/Program Director should feature one complete program or six 5-minute numbers each year on Grange Ritual. With Granges not doing degree work it is more important than ever to educate our members on the Ritual of the Grange.

Lecturers' Newsletters, Tips and Ideas . . .

We hope these programming tips and ideas help Lecturers think about ways they can get their members more involved.

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Past Complete Program Winners . . .

Download a copy of the Complete Programs that were chosen the winners:

• 2016 Complete Program Winners

Previous Winners:

• 2015 Complete Program Winners

• 2014 Complete Program Winners

• 2013 Complete Program Winners

• 2012 Complete Program Winners

• 2010 Complete Program - First Place Winner - North Stonington Grange

• 2010 Complete Program - Second Place Winner - Beacon Valley Grange

Do you have a Program to Share?

If you have a program that you are willing to present at other Granges, let the State Lecturer know and we will add you to the list.

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Tools available for Download . . .

Visit the Downloads page to find numerous brochures, posters, forms, and more available for download for all aspects of the Grange in Connecticut.

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