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Family Activities News
Contest Reminders - Time to Prepare!

By Ruth Herbele, State Women's Activities Committee

  JUNE 2008 -- This is one of the last chances we have to remind you that the State Judging for the Needlework, Craft and Baking Contests will soon be here.  All State Judging will take place in Good Will Grange Hall, 43 Naubuc Avenue, Glastonbury, CT on “Let’s Celebrate Day”- July 26, 2008.
Pomona Chairmen make sure all entries are at the hall between 9 and 10 A.M., since judging is to take place at 11:00 A.M.  Entries are to remain in place until aster the Social Hour following the program in the afternoon.  Pomona Chairmen, pick them up then.
Each item must have an Official Entry Form and legible identification label in a small plastic bag securely fastened with safety pins.  This will facilitate the return of items to the correct Grange.  Also, Chairmen, accompany your entries with both the Subordinate and Pomona Needlework forms.  First place winning entries will advance to the Big E for judging there.
Craft items will go to the Big E to be sold, except items that had won and will be used as gifts for the Master and his wife, plus any dignitaries.
Please, please, please!  Do not bring anything destined for State Session to our Let’s Celebrate Day.  Bring it directly to State Session in Cromwell, October 16 & 17, 2008.  If  you are not planning to attend, please ask someone who is to bring your item(s) for you.  We will distribute CWA gifts Friday, October 17th right after lunch.  Because of your generosity (Thank You!), we have little or no storage space, so must ask this favor from you.
Make sure to check out all the beautiful entries on Let’s Celebrate Day, July 26, 2008.  See you in Glastonbury!


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