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Family Activities News
Family Activities News: Gearing up for Fall Activities

By Dawn Percoski, Family Activities Director

  September 4, 2022 --

We are done with this year’s contests. I want to thank everyone for attending this year’s CT Grange Family Festival and for all of your beautiful entries. The first-place winners will go up to the Big E for the next contest and announced in the November Granger. The food was fabulous, and everyone had a great time. Thank you Hillstown Grange for allowing us to use your Hall. And a big thanks to everyone who participated in our Tea Cup Auction. It was a success and will allow us to do much more as a committee.

We will be in the middle of the Big E this month and I can’t thank you all enough for all your help during the hot summer months. Many hands make lite the work and we had fun too! The Big E starts on Friday Sept. 16th and runs through Sunday Oct. 2nd. If anyone has time to volunteer in the building, please contact Noel Miller or Dawn Percoski. We will give you an entrance ticket as well as a parking pass. The lot is very easy to get to and keeps you out of the traffic. We need help to sit and take donations for our Quilt raffle as well as cashiers, table straighteners and other light duties. Most important, we would like to open the upstairs Connecticut Room during Grange Sunday and Connecticut Day. Please contact Noel Miller if you can spare time.

A friendly reminder that by now, every CFA Chairman should have sent in their SUBORDINATE and POMONA CFA REPORT FORM

2020-2021 to the State Director.

And last but not least I will be

2022 Contest Winners

Class A - Afghan

1- Cindy Hupper, Cheshire; 2- Mary Alyce Lee, Cheshire; 3- Irene Percoski, Vernon.

Class B - Doily

1- Mary Alyce Lee, Cheshire; 2- Irene Percoski, Vernon; 3- Carol Nelson, Vernon.

Class C - Embroidery

1- Diane Clark, Cheshire.

Class D - 3 Piece Baby Set

1- Lois Evankow, Lyme; 2- Cindy Hupper, Cheshire; 3- Irene Percoski, Vernon.

Class E - Plastic Canvas

1- Joanne Cipriano, Beacon Valley; 2- Shirley Moore, Riverton

Class F - Counted Cross Stitch 1- Mariellen Baxter (BEST OF SHOW), Vernon; 2- Sandy Peterson, Lyme; 3- Barbara Foskett, Cheshire.

Class G - Adult Garment

1- Irene Percoski, Vernon; Mary Alyce Lee, Cheshire.

Class I - Quilted Wall Hanging 1- Karen Macdonald, Greenfield Hill; 2- Alma Graham, Coventry; 3-

Marilee Manning, Coventry.

Class J - Stuffed Toy

1- Jennifer Strong, Vernon; 2- Pat Duescher, Vernon; 3- Irene Percoski, Vernon.

Class K - Baby Afghan

1- Cindy Hupper, Cheshire; 2- Lois Evankow, Lyme; 3- Irene Percoski, Vernon.

Class L - Sewn Adult Garment 1- Diane Clark, Cheshire.

Baking Contest - Pumpkin Spice Cookies

1- Jane Miller, Cheshire

Window Box Contest

1- Raymond Percoski, Vernon Centerpiece Table Decoration 1- Karen Macdonald, Greenfield

Hill; Janet Haller, Wallingford; Angelina DeDominicis, Hillstown.

Pumpkin Theme-Needlework 1- Karen Macdonald, Greenfield

Hill; 2- Barbara Foskett, Cheshire; Lois Evankow, Lyme.

Pumpkin Theme-Other Medium 1- Joanne Cipriano, Beacon Valley; 2- Michelle DeDominicis;

1-  Judy Doyle, Riverton.




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