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Family Activities News
Family Activities: Quilt Contest Clarifications

By Pat Palmer, CT State Grange Family Activities Director

  APRIL 5, 2014 --

Just some clarifications regarding the Quilt Contest - all entries must be made by Grange members and they must be at Cheshire Grange Hall on Saturday, June 7th by 9 a.m. for judging along with the other needlework and craft contests and baking contest.  There is no indication in the rules as to the brightness of the pastels and there is no Subordinate or Pomona judging required - all entries are accepted.

I hope that everyone has been able to take advantage of the cold and snowy weather to work on their other needlework and craft entries.  I would love to fill the hall.

I also hope that you will all be able to make donations to the 3 CWA/Family activities projects - CT Granger Trust Fund, CT State Grange Scholarship Fund and the Kid’s Fund.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.


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