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Family Activities News
Family Activities News: Start one of our projects

By Dawn Percoski, Family Activities Director

  June 1, 2021 --

Wow, where exactly did the month of May go? I’ve been hard at work getting my gardens in order and I also did some baking. The cookie recipe for this year’s baking contest is really yummy and my batch made 30 cookies. I hope you will all try it out.

As we are working on our needlework projects, don’t forget to put something aside for the New England Grange Building. At this point, I have not heard if they are going to hold the fair, and if they do, at what capacity. But we should be prepared on the chance that they do open. We want to be able to send up our hand made items as many shoppers will be starved for our store items for gifts.

We have quite the following and people tell us they come to the fair just for our building. The usual scrubbies and kitchen towels are always a hot item. I also included the catnip fish pattern for you (in the CFW chairman’s packets) which had been a hot item that was missing from the selection at the NEGB for a few years. If kept in the baggies, they should keep for quite some time even if this year is a no go. They also will need volunteers to run the registers, straighten out tables, and keep the building looking nice and clean if they decide to open up our building.

We may decide to social distance and only allow a certain number of people in. It’s hard to say what would be allowed. Volunteers are also needed prior to the opening to get all of the items labeled. Every item gets a label and price. That happens in the beginning of September. So, until I have more information regarding the Big E this year, I just wanted to have you keep it in mind while making those items you are always so generous with. Make someone’s day, if you are vaccinated, you can go and have a visit with someone on their porch and sit 6 feet apart. You will feel good just seeing someone and being outdoors is always refreshing. As always, stay positive, WE are in the home stretch of this pandemic and soon we will be able to see old friends in person again!



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