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Family Activities News
Enter your scrapbooks

By Betty Jane Gardiner, State Women's Activities Director

  FEBRUARY 2008 -- Are you planning to enter the 2008 Craft Contest.  Music will be the theme for the new year.
As usual we will have two categories:  Needlework (knitting, crocheting, embroidery, quilting, weaving, tatting, etc.) and any other Media (wood working, plastics, ceramics, glass, leather, etc.).
We vary the categories so you may make a choice and use your imagination and creativity.  The challenge is yours, but the entry must suggest music in some way.
The entries in the craft contest are retained by the State Committee and will be used in an appropriate way such as presentation to a special person at State Session.  It is our custom to donate most of the craft items to the Country Store at the New England Grange Building at the Big E.
We would like to encourage even more participation in the contests so we are offering a new section to the craft department- Scrapbooks!  Scrapbooking has become very popular.  All kinds of supplies are available in the arts and crafts shops.  Making a book can be fun and could become a cherished gift to a family member or friend.
We are not giving rules for entering your scrapbooks because we want you to do your own thing and just prepare a book any size and on any subject you desire.
Entries will be judged with our other contests on our Celebration Day in July.  We will not keep your scrapbook!!!!!  Each will be returned to the person who made it.
We hope you are taking advantage of winter nights when you stay home by the fire to work on entries for our contests and/or making things to be sold in the Grange store at the Big E.  It’s also a great time to “practice” making the sweet bread for our baking contest.  Give your family this treat along with a nice hot cup of tea, coffee, or chocolate!  A great way to top off a cozy winter evening!


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