Friday, June 14, 2024
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Don Lanoue (Director)
35 Miller Road
Northford CT 06472
(203) 213-6235
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This program is administered with the assistance of the General Deputy, Peter Keefe.


How do the Assistants open the Bible?

How is the word taken up?

What is the signal in the third degree?

Those questions and many others can only be answered by being able to read the Code Book. The Code Reading program is designed to encourage all members to become more familiar with the unwritten work of the order.

An Award of Merit/Code Reading Card will be issued to each member who demonstrates his/her ability to read the Fourth Degree Cipher Code Book. This card is signed by both the National Master and the State Master. The card is earned by reading the Code Book with a minimum of errors.

Any member in good standing is entitled to a code book for study purposes. They may be acquired through the Director of Ritual, General Deputy or the State Master.

Instruction and testing of the Code will be provided as necessary.

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