Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Don Lanoue (General Deputy)
75 Liney Hall Lane
Wallingford, CT 06492
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This program is administered by the General Deputy with the assistance of the Pomona Deputies East and West and the Subordinate Deputies.

James Palmer
Pomona Deputy East
Echo Grange #180
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Peter Keefe
Pomona Deputy West
Winchester Grange #74

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Code Reading Teachers:

In addition to the Deputy Team, the following are authorized to teach and test the Code:

Mildred Bell

600 Allen Ave., Meriden, CT 06450

Marvin Wilbur
12 Whittemore Ave., No. Grosvenordale, CT 06255

Todd Gelineau
170 Scoville Stree, #14, Torrington, CT 06790


An incentive award program designed to encourage all Grange members to become familiar with the ritualistic unwritten work of the Grange.

The Fourth Degree Cipher Code Book is the authority for certain Grange procedures and a good understanding of it insures good Grange work.

Youth are especially encouraged to participate in this program, both on Subordinate and Pomona levels.

AWARD - An AWARD OF MERIT card will be issued to each member who demonstrates his ability to read the Fourth Degree Cipher Code Book. This wallet sized card will be signed by both the National Master and the issuing State Master.

WHO - Any Grange member in good standing is entitled to a code book for study purposes. They may be acquired through your State Grange Master.

THEN - When a member desires to be tested for the AWARD OF MERIT, he/she will read the Fourth Degree Cipher Code Book, with a minimum of mistakes. The member will contact teachers Mildred Bell, 600 Allen Ave., Meriden 06450; or Marvin Wilbur, 12 Whittemore Ave., No. Grosvenordale 06255.

Upon proper certification of code reading ability, the State Master will issue the AWARD OF MERIT to the deserving member.

Let’s all study our Ritual and we will all be better Grangers.

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