Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Family Activities News
Family Activities News: Helping Seniors

By Dawn Percoski, CT State Grange Family Activities Director

  April 1, 2023 --

It’s sad to say that many Americans are food insecure and with prices sky rocketing the problem is not going away any time soon. I feel blessed that I never have to worry about a warm hot meal but not everyone can say that, especially our Seniors and Veterans. That is why our committee has chosen to stay with the Community Renewal Team (CRT) for our special project. As many people as they are serving, they still have waiting lists according to their February newsletter. We will be making your donations count as we continue to support the Meals on Wheels/CT portion of their programs. Consider sending in your donation to the State Secretary so that at the end of the year we can send them a nice check to help them with the cost of helping others.

Have you come up with something fun to do but your meetings seem to be getting to long for special programs? Consider breaking up your monthly meeting (for those who meet once a month) and have just the business portion during your regularly scheduled meeting.

Then have a second meeting which can include refreshments, lecturer’s program and perhaps a craft segment at a time that best suits your membership. This will help break things up and not feel like you are going to longer meetings a month. (You also don’t have to do it every month). Consider changing up the same old same old. Grange meetings are supposed to be a time for gathering and sharing ideas and being in the company of others who like yourself, want to make a difference. But remember we also want to have some fun and show our newer members that we are more than just serious business. The past few years seems to have deflated some of that feeling so let’s try to get that back.



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