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Family Activities News
Craft items needed for Roast Beef Dinner

By Betty Jane Gardiner, State Women's Activities Director

  MAY 2007 -- We know folks spent part of the winter in their rocking chairs, humming or singing along as they kept their needles flying.  How much did you accomplish in those cold evenings?  We hope you can say you got a lot of things done and that your efforts were in support of our programs.
It seems we ask a lot of you - but the way you come through for us is wonderful!  The classes for the needlework contest provide an opportunity to create lovely things for yourself or to be used as gifts.  I say “opportunity” because not only do you have fun making things, but you may place first in State judging and go on to represent Connecticut in the New England finals at the Big E in September.
Are you planning to make your favorite bar recipe for the baking contest?  Your family can enjoy the samples and helping to decide which “favorite” you should enter.
We are also promoting and supporting the Lillian Merrill Baking Contest which has been a part of the Baking Department of the Connecticut Agricultural Fair.  The recipe is printed in this issue and can also be obtained from anyone connected with the CWA.  The judging will take place in August along with the other contests.
This is NOT an addition to our department.  We are working with Bethlehem Grange so they may continue to honor Lillian Merrill’s memory.  She was a part of the Fair baking department for years.
Have you started your “craft” entry for ‘07?  Remember, you can make anything for a needlework or craft media using music and/or chairs as the subject.  Test your imagination!
It’s amazing how you take up our projects for Foster kids.  We are hearing a lot about Christmas stockings.  We know you took advantage of the after-season sales and purchased stockings or are knitting, crocheting, quilting, or making fur sox.
We have had many calls telling us of the items you are making for the salesroom of the country store in the New England Grange Building at the Big E.  Great!  Keep it up!
Now we have one more thing to ask of you.  The committee for hosting National Grange in 2008 is going to have a Roast Beef Dinner at Cheshire Grange on May 20th.  We will have a craft sale at the same time.  If you can spare a handmade item or two we will be delighted to accept anything you can to give us.  Good tag sale items would also be appreciated.  Many thanks for all you do!  You are the ones who make it possible for us to keep “music” in the department.


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