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Family Activities News
Send us your favorite recipes

By Betty Jane Gardiner, State Women's Activities Director

  MARCH 2009 --

Leader’s Conference (held in Massachusetts in January) was another chance to meet with our counterparts of the northeastern area.  The exchange of ideas, plans and suggestions is always interesting and helpful.
The annual meeting of the Trustees of the New England Grange Building is part of the conference agenda.  It was good to hear reports of another very successful year for the country store.  Thanks to all of you!
We are going to try a new feature for 2009- and hope you will want to be a part of it.  Following requests from several sources we are planning a cookbook project, which we hope to make into a series of small publications.  For the first effort we are asking you to submit recipes for consideration in the categories of appetizers, soups and salads.
Please submit your contributions to me (along with your name and Grange) before May 1.  Be sure you send “tried and true” recipes with directions that are correct!  Be sure the list of ingredients and the amounts are correct.  We have many requests for recipes in the country store and hope everyone will enjoy this new endeavor.
Another “something new” for CWA!  Following our National Grange Convention we learned that the host state is responsible for submitting the quilt to be given to the Foster Family group for the annual raffle.  It will be given to them at the next National Grange Convention in Michigan.  Our state is spear-heading the quilt project.
We have asked each of the states who worked on the National Convention in Cromwell to submit four quilt blocks to their State Director.  Two of our Connecticut machine quilters, Susan Addison and Lois Evankow, have kindly consented to help us.  If anyone is interested in submitting a square for consideration, please call me for instructions.
Our good friend, Charles Martin, Director in Vermont, has agreed to assemble the quilt- and guide us through the project.  I hope you have seen the beautiful quilts Charles has donated to the New England Grange Building Raffle each of the past few years.
Have you been taking advantage of the long winter nights to work on our contests and projects?  Hope so!  We look forward to entries for our baking, craft, and needlework contests.  Things needed for our special projects and pajamas for children- and small toys for next Christmas!  All information may be obtained from your CWA chairperson or anyone of us on the State Committee.
Keep warm, keep busy- and keep thinking CWA.  We are heading toward another purr-fect year.


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