Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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President's Message

So far this weather has thrown us for a loop. Cold wet March, cool west April, cool one day heat wave the next May and wet then sunny June. Farmers are playing catch up with planting in the fields and getting the hay crop in the barn. Mother Nature sure knows how to play tricks on us. Letís have a quiet beautiful summer.

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Noel Miller
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Grange News

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Legislatively Speaking

Now is the time to start working on your resolutions for the next State Grange Session. Remember that all resolutions that you plan on sending to State Grange need to be sent from your local Granges to your Pomona Grange for action before being sent on to State Grange. The deadline for submitting resolutions to State Grange is September 15th.

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Alma Graham
Legislative Director
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Lecturer's Corner

What a nice Grange Event we had as we Celebrated the Grange on June 11th. We started with our Grange Sunday Service, followed by a delicious meal served by our Youth and Junior Committees. Then we went upstairs for some good Grange Entertainment. My thanks to all who participated and helped to make this day such a success.

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Margaret Bernhardt
State Lecturer
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