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From The Lecturer's Desk
NE Lecturer’s Conference

By Marge Bernhardt, State Lecturer

  SEPTEMBER 2010 --

My sincere thanks to all who helped in any way with Lecturers' Conference. Connecticut had 44 present (this was the largest number from any state) and you were all just great. Even with last minute changes and lots of stress, the program went off without a hitch thanks to all of you. I also want to thank everyone for the lovely gift I received.

Connecticut's entry in the Northeast Talent Runoffs, Robyn Lee, brought home the 2nd place award. All of Connecticut can be proud of her and the whole gang who represented you at the conference.

Now that the 2010 conference is over we are already planning for 2011. It will be held in Massachusetts. The theme of the conference will be "Season It". Our program will be Season It Spicy. This can pertain to anything, not just food seasonings. So, once again, if you have or know of any appropriate numbers, please let me know.

Let's Celebrate was held July 24th at Cheshire Grange Hall. There have been lots of comments about it being the best one yet. If you weren't there you missed seeing the great exhibits, a superb luncheon and some great entertainment.

The winners of this year's Photo Contest are as follows:

America The Beautiful: 1st - Barbara Perry, Stonington Grange; 2nd- Charlene Blount, Norfield Grange; 3rd- Norman Stitham, Old Lyme Grange

Animals: 1st- Kenneth Dolce, Stonington Grange; 2nd- Barbara Perry, Stonington Grange; 3rd- Cathy Russi, Colchester

Grangers In Action: 1st- Lois Evankow, Llyme Grange; 2nd- Polly Leonard, Colchester Grange; 3rd- Norman Stitham, Old Lyme Grange

Family Celebrations: 1st- Denise Barbieri, Watertown Grange; 2nd- Lois Evankow, Lyme Grange; 3rd- Barbara Foskett, Cheshire Grange

Historic Places or Events: 1st- Irene Percoski, Enfield Grange; 2nd- Andrea Brown, Whigville Grange; 3rd- Lois Evankow, Lyme Grange

Junior Winners

America The Beautiful: 1st- Angelina DeDominicis, Hillstown: 2nd- Shannon Mathews, Hillstown

Animals: 1st- Luc Lacasse, Hillstown; 2nd- Angellina DeDominicis, Hillstown; 3rd- Mary Burlette, Hillstown

Grangers In Action: 1st- Victoria Tackett, Hillstown; 2nd- Madison Tackett, Hillstown; 3rd- Mary Burlette, Hillstown

Family Celebrations: 1st- Shannon Mathews, Hillstown; 2nd- Angelina DeDominicis, Hillstown; 3rd- Isabella Marino, Cheshire

Historic Places or Events: 1st- Angelina DeDominicis, Hillstown

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