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From The Lecturer's Desk
Lecturer: Do you have that Grange Spirit?

By Marge Bernhardt, CT State Grange Lecturer

  DECEMBER 6, 2013 --

Do you have that Grange Spirit?  I’ve been asked about my selection of songs for State Session and how they tie together.  We only got to sing the first one – the “Good Grange Spirit Song”.  Everyone needs to have the Grange Spirit and emphasize the positive when we talk about the Grange.  If you are asked what you are doing some night, don’t say “I have to go to Grange”.  Say “I’m going to Grange.  We always have a good time there.  Why not come with me and see for yourself.”  

The next song was “White Christmas”.  This was in honor of all our Social Connection Committee does for us.  You do remember celebrating Christmas last September, don’t you?

The third song was “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”.  One of my favorite projects is “A Word from Home”.  Knowing that we support them as they fight for us is important.  Many of our Granges have sent boxes of food or toiletries along with their letters.  Why not take a few minutes and write a letter to a soldier now.

The final song was to be “The Quilting Party”.  Our CWA is always busy and this would have been dedicated to everyone who has supported the CWA this past year.

Want to get more people out to one of your meetings?  We don’t see too many neighbors nights like we had in days gone by.  Plan a fun night and invite others to join you.  But remember, a lot of Granges are only meeting once a month now, so you have to get those invitations out early.  If you are planning a big night the beginning of March, you need to get your invitations out in late January.  If you start visiting other granges, they are more likely to visit you.  Let’s all get that Grange Spirit and help not only our own Grange, but every other Grange we can.



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