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From The Lecturer's Desk
From the Lecturer’s Desk: Out & About

By David Roberts, CT State Grange Lecturer

  July 3, 2022 --

As we come out of this horrific pandemic, one of the greatest pleasures I have experienced is getting out of the house and safely visiting other Community Granges around Connecticut.

My first visit was to North Stonington Community Grange #138 for their Community Citizen of the Year award ceremony. Lecturer Susan Pianka did an excellent job on the entire program. Riverton Grange member Jackie Martin traveled with me to North Stonington and we were both very impressed with the large turnout  of   community   members for this impressive event. Other Lecturers should consider offering this program in the area as it is a great way to attract large numbers of attendees, including local elected officials and business leaders.

My next visit was to Simsbury Grange #197 for their certified Agricultural Fair and belated 90th Anniversary  Celebration.  We enjoyed the delicious food, fair displays inside and the hay bailer outside,  outdoor   music,   toasting the  90th  Anniversary   milestone and hearing about elected officials who attended  earlier, and just chatting with attendees. Kudos to Susan Masino, Barbara Friedland, and others who made this such an enjoyable event. It was especially nice to see so many children outside playing around the Grange Hall.

I then journeyed to Sterling to attend the Strawberry Supper at Ekonk Community Grange #89. The drive was long, but pleasant, and the trip was well worth it. The parking lot, roadway, and nearby lot was filled to capacity which was a great sign that folks were venturing out again. Even with the tremendous increase in both gasoline and food costs, it was great to see the Grange Hall filled to capacity. The buffet style dinner was excellent, and the strawberry dessert was fabulous. It was so nice to chat with Past State Master Jody Cameron, and Jody and Jaimie Cameron.

It is so important that we all support each other’s events and I will try to get out and about as much as I can to visit Granges, support their initiatives, and help spotlight their great work.

I attended the Eastern Regional Leadership Conference at National Headquarters in Washington. The theme was “A Monumental Experience in the Nation’s Capital.” I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you.

Please remember our Connecticut 2022 Lecturer’s contests are rapidly approaching. Contest information is  on  the  State  Grange  website and have been sent to all Lecturers.


The Connecticut State Grange  run-offs   will be held at Hillstown Grange Hall (first floor) starting at 1:00 PM on Sunday, August 14.

“A NUMBER” CONTEST – Theme “Childhood Memories”

The Connecticut State Grange run-offs will be held at Hillstown Grange Hall (first floor) on Sunday, August 14, immediately following the Talent Contest run-off which starts at 1:00 PM.

“Complete Program” for your Grange with the 2022 subject being “The Grange of the Future”. Deadline for entries to me is October 1st.

State Grange Photo Contest with   the following categories: My America, Animals, Flowers, Grange Activities and Family Activities. We will again partner with Connecticut Grange Family Activities on this effort. This means that your Grange’s photo entries can be dropped off at Hillstown Grange Hall on either Friday, August 12, or Saturday, August 13, before 10:30 a.m.

State Grange Essay  Contest will be held with the 2022 essay title being “My Grange Family”. Deadline for entries to me is October 1st.

The purpose of all these contests is first and foremost to HAVE FUN and secondly to encourage your Grange members to get involved in a friendly-spirited manner. Please drop me a note at dave@daveroberts.org  or call me at 858-775-9241.



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