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From The Lecturer's Desk
From The Lecturer's Desk: A Great Time to Work on Projects

By Marge Bernhardt, CT State Grange Lecturer

  January 1, 2020 --

Hopefully everyone is keeping warm. I bet a lot of you can remember the monologue   that Frank Warner used to do where he had to come early and light a fire in the Grange wood stove. I think you will find that most of our halls are warm and cozy this winter. And, with timers on our thermostats we can set them ahead and no one has to come early.  Why not visit a neighboring Grange this winter. There are a lot of good Lecturer’s programs being presented and a lot of good friends that would love to have you visit.

On nights when you don’t go out why not work on one of our contests or projects? Why not write a letter to a soldier? Tell them how much we appreciate what they are doing. Tell them about your town or our state. Mention your grandchildren and how much you appreciate keeping our country safe for them. If you don’t have an address you can go online to www.anysoldier.com and get one.  If you don’t use a computer, get the letter to me and I will see that it gets to a soldier in harms’ way.

In December I mailed Christmas cards from Beacon Valley Grange to a Chaplain in Iraq who will distribute them to soldiers who don’t receive mail from home.  This would make a good community service program for your Grange.

Snow may be hazardous and it seems to turn dirty looking pretty quickly, but, when it is fresh it looks pretty and would make a great picture for our photo contest.

Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy New Year. Hope to see you around the State.




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