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From The Lecturer's Desk
From The Lecturer's Desk: I Am Here To Help You

By Marge Bernhardt, CT State Grange Lecturer

  August 3, 2020 --

GREETINGS – Another month has gone by and we are still in the midst of the unknown. Hopefully your Grange has been able to meet, either in person or via ZOOM.

As of today (July 15th) the information is still the same in the Lecturer’s Department.  Please, just remember if you have any questions to call me. I am here to help you.

My next Newsletter is scheduled to be out on September 1st. Included with this will be a revised form for all Lecturers to fill out. This will cover all of our contests and projects and will be due on October 1st – the same date as the Essays and Complete Programs are due.

Take Care. Stay Safe.



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