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From The Lecturer's Desk
From The Lecturer's Desk: Lecturer's Dept. Winners

By Marge Bernhardt, CT State Grange Lecturer

  July 5, 2019 --

My thanks to all who participated in our contests during “Let’s Celebrate”. The winners are as follows:

Talent Contest: 1- Cheshire; 2- Beacon Valley; 3- Hillstown

“A Number” Contest: 1- No. Stonington; 2- Beacon Valley; 3- Hillstown

Photo Contest Winners/America The Beautiful: 1- Irene Percoski, Enfield (Best In Show); 2- Dawn Percoski, Enfield; 3- Raine’ Pedersen, Riverton

Animals: 1- David Roberts, Riverton: 2- Angelina DeDominicis, Hillstown; 3- Lois Evankow, Lyme

Grangers in Action: 1- David Roberts, Riverton; 2- Susan Belle- Isle,Riverton; 3- Michelle DeDominicis, Hillstown

Family Celebrations: 1- Irene Percoski, Enfield; 2- Lois Evankow, Lyme; 3- Dawn Percoski, Enfield

Historic Places or Events: 1- Angelina DeDominicis, Hillstown; 2- David Roberts, Riverton; 3- Susan Belle-Isle, Riverton

Antique Vehicles: 1- David Roberts, Riverton; 2- Michelle DeDominicis, Hillstown; 3- John Alexander, Cheshire


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