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From The Lecturer's Desk
From The Lecturer's Desk: Celebrate & Promote Grange

By David Roberts, CT State Grange Lecturer

  March 1, 2022 --

As the new Connecticut State Grange Lecturer, I wanted to honor the legacy of our past State Lecturer Marge who believed in the integral role of the Lecturer position to the future of Grange, so I decided to host a virtual “roundup” (a gathering of like-minded individuals) where we could all gather together to share ideas and learn from each other, while having some fun too.

Our first “roundup” was scheduled via Zoom on a Saturday night in mid-January and I invited our State President (George Russell) and State Vice President (Rob Buck) to join us to show that our State leaders  are  committed to  supporting  our  subordinate and Pomona Grange Lecturers however  they   can.      Altogether,

27 Granges participated in our “roundup” which lasted for about 90 minutes. I even called and talked at length with our National Grange President (Betsy Huber) and what we are up to in Connecticut. As I told President Huber, what other national organization do you belong to where you can pick up the phone and talk with your National President. Wow aren’t we lucky to belong to Grange!

We began the “roundup” by offering a prize to one lucky Lecturer who had RSVPed for the event.   Twenty-one individuals (out of the 27 attendees) had RSVP’d. We used an electronic wheel that was spun and Higganum Grange Lecturer Helen Luk,  the  mother of a 2-, 4-, and 6-year old, was the lucky winner of a jar of wildflower honey from the Stonewall Apiary in Hanover, Connecticut.

All   attendees   then   provided

self-introductions, talked about their successes and challenges, and shared what they hoped to gain from attending the roundup. State- wide programs were discussed and plans were made for the remainder of this Grange year. At the end of the program, two more prizes (maple syrup from two Connecticut farms) were awarded via the wheel to two attendees (Vernon Grange Lecturer Nancy Strong and Cawasa Grange Lecturer Linea Erickson).

After the event, attendees provided feedback. Some of the attendee feedback included:

  • I was very impressed with so many aspects of the “roundup”
  • Extensive planning and preparation, with clear agenda shared beforehand; you even contacted the National Master!
  • Very welcoming and enthusiastic throughout.
  • Very clever name game with prizes, fun!
  • Really  connected  with  each participant
  • Invited each to introduce self, speak, that led to people feel included and valuable; then you were responsive to comments / questions / ideas.
  • Acknowledged people, often offering promise of your personal follow up
  • Clearly offering support, with helpful suggestions and ideas from your own experiences. Helpful reminders that we are not alone in efforts.
  • Overall perfect time management for a very full agenda Nice wrap up and review of needs/ plans for the future
  • Really excellent overall, including management of the ZOOM!

This first “roundup” was so successful that plans are already in the works for our second Lecturer’s Roundup scheduled via Zoom for Saturday, March 19, at 7:00 PM. If you would like to participate or just listen in, please drop me a note at dave@daveroberts.org or call me at 858-775-9241. Lecturers RULE!



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