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From The Lecturer's Desk
Time for a fresh start

By Marge Bernhardt, State Lecturer

  OCTOBER 2, 2011 --

It’s a new Grange year.  It’s time for everyone to get a fresh start.  With the cooler days and nights we should have some renewed vigor and enthusiasm.  Let’s use this to help our Granges grow.  We will again be having both the Auld Acquaintance and Word from Home projects.  These two contests put the name of the Grange out in public and your Grange can easily meet the requirements.  Do you have members who can’t get out to meetings?  Or, are you a Granger who would love to come and help but are unable to get out any longer?  Both of these contests are ideal for you.  You can write letters to soldiers and if you are talented in either knitting or crocheting, you could make lap robes or coverlets for a local convalescent home in the name of the Grange.  In the Grange there is work for all…..

We will be making changes to some of our programs and others will remain the same.  If you have any suggestions, please contact me before State Session so they can be taken into consideration for next year.

Saturday night, October 22, following the banquet at State Session, we will be handing out our Lecturer’s Awards for 2011.  This would be a good time to come out and support your Lecturer.  Lecturers are a hardy breed.  They have to find a way to please everyone in their Grange while conforming to the requirements of the office.  Please take a minute to thank them for all they do.  Most Granges don’t realize how hard a job it is to be Lecturer until you lose yours and can’t find a replacement.  Don’t let your Grange fall into this category.

Enjoy the fine days of Autumn.

See you around the State. 


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