Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Due to COVID-19 Stay Home Mandates - CALL Before Attending Grange Events


Lecturer's Corner
State Lecturer / Programming Director:

Margaret Bernhardt
Cheshire Grange #23
424 Cedar Lane,
Cheshire, CT 06410
Tel. 203-272-4620

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From the Lecturer's Desk ...
From The Lecturer's Desk: It’s a new Grange year

It’s a new Grange year. It’s time for everyone to get a fresh start. We all need to think positive. I know that most Granges are struggling both financially and membership wise. Some members are not comfortable coming to an in person meeting and others are not comfortable with ZOOM.

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From The Lecturer's Desk: How things have changed

I can't believe the Grange year is almost over and how much things have changed. By the time you are reading this each Grange Lecturer or other representative should have received a questionnaire regarding Lecturers' activities.

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Lecturer's Notes ...
April is Grange Month . . .

The month of April each year is designated as Grange Month. Each Grange should plan to celebrate Grange in some special way during the month.

Let's Celebrate Day - June 14, 2020 . . .

Celebrate the Grange and its members. Contests will be judged on Saturday, June 14th, and must be received between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM. On Sunday, June 14th, the Grange Hall will be open at 10:00 AM for viewing entries followed by our State Chaplain’s Service at 11:00 AM. The Youth and Junior Committees will serve a luncheon. Talent and “A Number” competition will begin at 1:00 PM.

Lecturer's Department Awards . . .

Lecturer's Appreciation Award:
  1. Be responsible for a suitable program at every meeting.
  2. Programs to be between 30 and 60 minutes except on special occasions.
  3. Cooperate with your Committees.
  4. Reports submitted in a timely manner.

Honor Lecturer Requirements:

Meet requirements for the Lecturer's Appreciation Award plus participate in at least 5 of the Lecturer's Department contests or projects.

Pomona Award for Public Service and Community Citizen Award:

The Pomona Award for Public Service may be given to either a member or non-member individual or group.

The Community Citizen Award is presented to a non-member individual or group who gives of himself for the betterment of the community. The National Grange has a certificate in a folder and a paperweight available. You can also order just the paper certificate to be placed in your own frame.

Order from: The National Grange, 1616 H Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20006-4999. Or you can order on line by going to www.nationalgrange.org.

Phone orders can be called into 888-447-2643 ext. 103 or Faxed to 202-347-1091.

Should Auld Acquaintance . . .

Provide assistance to a Convalescent, Nursing or Rest Home at least 6 times during the course of a year. May be programs, gifts, or any type of help the home requests. If unsure of whether or not you qualify, submit a report and let us decide. The deadline for the report is October 1st. You can download the report form here. (Please select the Lecturer's Department from the dropdown menu.)

A Word From Home - Letter Writing Project . . .

Write to a service man or woman serving overseas in harms’ way. Let’s let our troops know that we care. These can be sent to someone from your area, you can get addresses at www.anysoldier.com, you can bring them to the State Office or get them to me. Letters must be done in the name of your Grange. Packages should also include a letter.

Northeast Grange Lecturers Conference . . .

A conference is planned for the summer of 2020. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Lecturers' Newsletters, Tips and Ideas . . .

We hope these programming tips and ideas help Lecturers think about ways they can get their members more involved.

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Complete Program Winners . . .

Download a copy of the Complete Programs that were chosen the winners:

• 2016 Complete Program Winners

Previous Winners:

• 2015 Complete Program Winners

• 2014 Complete Program Winners

• 2013 Complete Program Winners

• 2012 Complete Program Winners

• 2010 Complete Program - First Place Winner - North Stonington Grange

• 2010 Complete Program - Second Place Winner - Beacon Valley Grange

Do you have a Program to Share?

If you have a program that you are willing to present at other Granges, let the State Lecturer know and we will add you to the list.

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Tools available for Download . . .

Visit the Downloads page to find numerous brochures, posters, forms, and more available for download for all aspects of the Grange in Connecticut.

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