Thursday, June 01, 2023
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President's Message
President / Master:
Robert Buck
115 N. Georges Hill Rd.,
Southbury, CT 06488
Phone: 203-267-6796

CT State Grange Office:
P.O. Box 3
100 Newfield Road
Winchester Center, CT 06094
Office: 860-909-1101

Bethlehem Grange #121
2023 Honor Grange Information
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Presidentís Message: Ag Day
  March 1, 2023 --

The final charge of the Master in the Fourth Degree states that “the welfare of each is bound up in the good of all.” Worthy State Chaplain Charles Dimmick hit on this idea in the Parable of the Corn he distributed by email wherein one farmer realized that is was in his best interest to grow good corn to help his neighbor do the same due to the principle of cross pollination. This idea ties in with the idea of agape love and loving those you don’t like thus summarizing fraternalism in a nutshell. We all took the obligations to join the Order, some of you took seven obligations. Remember, we are all in this Order of Patrons of Husbandry for common goals but with different views and philosophies so try to respect others for opinions that may differ from yours. Brothers and Sisters, please compromise to reach acceptable solutions. Remember the ax in the First Degree and its lesson of perseverance in overcoming all obstacles.

On March 22, Connecticut State Grange officers and members will represent us at our booth at Ag Day at the Capitol. Some years this allowed us to have some contact with those elected to represent and serve us. With COVID-19 less severe now, we hope it will be back at the Capitol with better access to politicians than last year when it had to be relocated to the State Armory next door. At this writing, I believe the Ag. Chair Aaron Jacques, Legislative Director Noel Miller, and Vice President Ted Powell will be in attendance to represent our organization.

Last year was a very successful year for sales of items at the New England Grange Building. This less- active winter time is good for crafting and making items to donated to that endeavor. I know Dawn Percoski is planning for things to be made and sold there. Spread the CWA contest information through your Granges so that people can be producing those items in demand to keep the NEGB stocked for the Big E 2023. As an aside, at our Jan. 29 meeting of the NEGB Trustees, I was elected to serve as President of the Trustees taking over for Noel Miller who goes off the Board.

By now, your Granges should have notification of the planned Grange inspections. There should not be cause for alarm. No grading of Subordinate Granges is to be done; just for the Pomona Granges as usual.  There is nothing in the inspection list that is different from what all Granges should be doing anyway. I realize many Granges are struggling, but help is only a phone call away. We have Deputies and State Grange officers who are willing to help where needed. I hope for inspections to be completed over the spring and summer. While I said they could be unannounced, I realize that due to meeting schedules and missed meetings that most inspection officers will need to check with you about meeting times and places before traveling to find a canceled meeting.

On the way back from my meeting of Bethlehem Grange #121, Hank and I stopped in Bridgewater to buy chili from their Super Bowl Sunday take out only chili sale. They had great chili (three choices) at a great price ($10.00). By the time I left, they had sold about 65 servings. Consider a new type of fundraiser in your Grange. This is only one example of a popular type of event.

Hank is having fun taking Maggie and me to various Granges so I look forward to our visit to your Grange. Remember though: Who is responsible for YOUR Grange?


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