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President's Message
President's Message: Headquarters will be sold

By George Russell, CT State Grange President

  DECEMBER 1, 2021 --

Sharon and I attended the 155th National Grange Convention in Wichita,  Kansas  from  Nov.  8-13.  The main topic of this year’s convention was what to do  with the National Grange Building in Washington, D.C. Many hours were spent debating the pros and cons of repairing the headquarters building and what to do if a decision was made to sell. Operations Coordinator Samantha Wilkins pointed out that the structure and maintenance issues the building has faced over the past few years is just the beginning. As I reported in the October issue, all the repairs and the cost of doing these repairs would result in an estimated dues increase of $9.61 per member.

The Audit and Budget Committee proposed a committee resolution on the Sale of National Grange  Building.  This was a lengthy resolution which came down to selling the 61-year-old building  after  the  payment   of all closing cost and repaying all outstanding loans on the building. The remainder of the net proceeds of the sale will be invested in a diversified account with a licensed financial company covered by FDIC or  NCUA  insurance coverage or security oversight such as SIPC or FINRA.

The National Grange Board of Directors conducted an  analysis of the feasibility of purchasing another smaller headquarters building or  renting a  comparable office space for a new National Grange headquarters in the Greater  Washington,  D.C.  metro area. A roll call vote was taken, and this resolution was adopted with a 2/3 majority vote.

Six new officers were elected to serve the National Grange for the next two years.  Betsy Huber (PA) was elected to her fourth term as President.  Chris Hamp (WA) will serve as Vice President.  On the Executive Committee, Lynette Schaeffer (IL) was re-elected for a second term and Buddy Overstreet (TX) was elected to his first term. Ann Bercher (MN) was elected Lecturer.  The remaining officers are: Barbara Borderieux (FL), Chaplain;  Joe  Goodrich (VT), Treasurer; Debbie Cambell (PA), Secretary; Chip  Narvel (DE), Steward; John Plank (IN), Assistant Steward; Kathy Gibson (MA), Lady Assistant Steward; Chris Johnson (MI), Gatekeeper; Cindy Greer (CO), Ceres; Kay Stiles (MD), Pomona; Welina Schufeldt (OK), Flora.  Congratulations to all the officers and hope they have an excellent two years of service.

Brother Phil Prelli declined running for National Overseer again and has taken the position of Priest Archon in the Assembly of Demeter. Congratulations, Phil.

I participated in the Memorial Service and had the honor of reading the tribute to Russell Gray.  There were 18 past Delegates and past National Officers that have passed away this last year. It was a very impressive ceremony put on by the National Chaplain.

On November 6 I had the honor of reinstating the Redding Grange by presenting the charter to their newly elected President Elizabeth Jensen.   The Welcome Ceremony was performed for the 33 new members and a full slate of officers was elected. Congratulations to the newly formed Redding Grange No. 15.

Sharon and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Holiday and a very healthy New year!


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