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President's Message
What's your story?

By Jody A. Cameron, Connecticut State Grange President

  JANUARY 5, 2013 --

I had to recently read a sales book for work New Sales.  Simplified, by Mike Weinberg, one of the best books that I have read in a long time and many of the details the author outlines in the book are valuable to us as we grow our membership.

First, know your story!  Your story is who you are and why you exist.  Your message should cover specific details of your recent and current activities, especially your community service.  Please refrain from getting into too much detail on what you used to do.  Our history is important, but we must continually build toward our future.

Second, Targets, who are you going to ask to join?  Maybe a three tiered target list.  Your first list is those prospect you are confident will join (your close targets); your close target list should be of those prospects you know have the time and are readily willing to support your effort.  This group is usually family, friends and co-workers.  Your second list is those prospects that are willing to join but need to understand the value of our organization and their contribution (your moderate targets).  This group will be harder to get to join, and would include business owners and associates from other groups or organizations.  The third list is those prospects you REALLY want to join due to their talents, profession or contacts (your high targets).  This group will be the hardest to get to join and should include local and state officials, teachers and business professionals that fit your mission.  You need to create value for this group to see a benefit to joining.

Third, develop a plan.  Your plan needs to be different for each target list and needs to always start with your story.  Your plan also needs to address your target needs.  Get to know your targets and tailor your story to their needs.  Don’t focus on youth activities to a prospect over 65 years old for example.  Make sure you plan the following, an initial contact with the prospect, a face to face meeting with the prospect and continual follow up.

Execute the plan.  The plan execution needs to include a clear timeline.  When do we do each of the above and by whom?  Your story needs to be developed before you undertake any of the additional steps.  At each meeting go around the hall and ask members to give you names to add to the three lists, the longer the lists the best chance of success.  Next develop a plan for each list, you should be able to address the close target list quickly and begin to grow quickly.

As I said last month, growth is not an option, it is a necessity.  Your State Grange is here to assist every Grange in developing a comprehensive Growth Plan, please call on us whenever needed.


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