Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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President's Message
President's Message: Pomona Decision Reached

By Noel Miller, CT State Grange President

  July 5, 2017 --

So far this weather has thrown us for a loop. Cold wet March, cool west April, cool one day heat wave the next May and wet then sunny June. Farmers are playing catch up with planting in the fields and getting the hay crop in the barn. Mother Nature sure knows how to play tricks on us. Let’s have a quiet beautiful summer.

We have great news to announce. The State Executive Committee has finished redistricting Pomona Granges. The roll out of this will be Sunday, July 9th at 2 P.M. at Good Will Grange Hall in Glastonbury. All are invited to see the new three Pomona plan. We feel this is the best design for strong Pomona Granges to grow in the future for the State of Connecticut. In order for this to work everyone needs to step up and support these Pomona Granges for if we don’t then this hard work was for naught. I believe this plan will succeed and these new Pomona Granges will supply the best leadership and membership for them to succeed and grow. Join us on July 9.

There has been murmurings of Granges closing. Yes, we have three on the list. I do have to remind all Grangers that if your Grange wishes to surrender its Charter, sell your hall or property, that your Master must contact the State Master. Every member must follow the Digest of the National Grange for the rules on closing and selling Grange property. If you don’t then we are no better than the old California State Grange, which stole from Grangers and cost the National Grange, which we are all a part of, over 1 million dollars in legal fees to get back those monies and properties for the California State Grange. We have all taken the obligations to abide by the National Grange By-Laws and Digest. If you have any questions or concerns call me, your State Master.

Summer is the time to get ready for State Session in October. A new schedule is being looked at as a way to get better attendance. The Sessions are open to everyone if you wish to see what goes on at the State Session you can register for the day and sit in on the sessions and have lunch. You can’t vote but you can witness the activities that are there. So, in the future you may be a delegate at session. I invite everyone to come see what we do at State Session.

If you missed Let’s Celebrate and Grange Sunday you missed out on a great day. We had more entries in the Cookie Contest, Talent and A Number. The luncheon by the Youth and Junior Committees was great. Even Hank the Burro left “stuffed.”

I thank the Worthy State Chaplain Charles Dimmick for his program, and the State Lecturer Marge Bernhardt for the Talent and Photo contest. Irene Percoski and her CWA team is to be congratulated for the needlework and craft contests. We have many talented members who can show you their imaginations in making true art. Thanks to all who attended this year.

Last month’s Search-A Word is a difficult one. I am pretty good at these word finds but I could only fi nd one Kelley as listed to the right of the puzzle. I see no Oliver or Temperance in the puzzle. I have searched for 5 days to no avail. Also, I found only one Boston. If I am wrong please show me the way. Happy Summer!

Editor’s Note: The State Master is not wrong! Due to a glitch in the software used to generate the puzzle, the words Noel mentions above were omitted. We apologize for the agony this puzzle put many of you through!


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