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President's Message
What's happening

By Jody A. Cameron, CT State Grange President

  MARCH 3, 2012 --

I thought I would use this month’s article to let you know about some of the things going on in your State Grange.  

It is official; Wolcott Grange was reorganized February 13, 2012.  Taking in 10 new members, six from demit and two existing Wolcott members they are off to a great start.  They elected a full slate of officers with Hank Ouimet being elected as Master.  Please visit them on the 4th Monday of each month and support our newest Grange and its members.  We are now focusing our energy in Litchfield.

Your Board of Directors met recently with a financial advisor so we can better position ourselves financially and reap a better return on our investments.  After reviewing some of the Executive Committee Reports from our Community and Pomona Granges I see some of our Granges have significant assets and some of you may benefit from a meeting with the firm the State grange is associated with.  If there is any interest, please let me know and a meeting can be arranged for all interested Granges.    

A suggestion was made to me to prepare some information about the Grange to be sent home with every child who attends Camp Berger.   After discussing this with the Camp Director and Trustees, they too felt this was a great idea.  The State Grange Membership Director and I will be working with the Public Relations Department to put this together.  Remember, the more people know about us the easier it will be to attract them into membership.        

A new Pomona Brochure has been created.  This is for use by all Pomonas to inform all members what Pomona is.  This is a very impressive brochure, and is a real good tool for all Community Granges.    These brochures will be on the State Grange web site for download, or for a fee you can have them produced through the State Grange.  Contact the Public Relations Department if your require printing services.

Schools of Instructions are going very well (from my viewpoint).  If you like the format, or dislike the format, please let me know.  If the Schools do not meet your needs they are a waste of time, and if we waste your time, shame on us.  I am told feedback is a gift, so your feedback is appreciated.

Believe it or not, State Session is not that far off, it is never too early to start looking at the resolution process.  The State Grange Legislative Committee is there to assist at any time.  I encouraged them in my Presidents Address to consider putting together a workshop on resolution writing, I hope they are looking at that.  

I know this is different from my usual rants, but it is important for all members to know what is going on in their State Grange.  If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions, please contact me or any Officer of the State Grange.  Remember, we are here to serve YOU!


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