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President's Message
Would you notice?

By Jody A. Cameron, CT State Grange President

  APRIL 3, 2013 --

On March 9th, Carmen Brickner of ClearBrick, Inc. led a self journey workshop titled “Discovering the Leader Within” at one point asked the question, “Would the world notice if there was no Grange?”  This question has hit me REAL hard (in a positive way) and has led me to question, who are we?  Why are we here?  Who do we serve?  Would anyone really notice if the Grange did not exist tomorrow?  I want to explore these questions this month in this article.

Who are we? (What is the Grange?)  This is a very personal question really.  Many members have said to me, “We have trouble getting new members because I can’t tell people what the Grange is.”  While speaking with a Granger recently we explored this conundrum.  Anyone can give the text book definition of the Grange, but that is not the answer people today are looking for when they ask this question.  When this Granger told me they too struggled when asked what the Grange is I asked them what was Christmas for them.  They gave the answer “it is the day set aside to rejoice the birth of Jesus.”  I agree it is, but it is much more than that and when we kept driving down deeper (asking why?); they gave me a very personal and heartfelt answer.  We need to approach the question (What is the Grange?) in the same manner; from our heart. Why we joined the Grange and why we continue work tirelessly for the Grange is different for each of us.  When we dig deep inside ourselves and are able to answer this question we will have meaningful and passionate discussions about our Grange, one of relevance and importance to us as people and as a community.

Why are we here?  This is a really good question, and sometimes not easy to answer.  I can tell you the Connecticut State Grange is here to serve the Community and Pomona Granges through program support and educational and leadership opportunities, both through development and advancement.  This is the niche your State Grange needs to develop.  I believe we are making good strides in this direction, but have a very long way to go to be were, you, the membership need us to be.  Why is your Pomona or Community Grange here?  How are you making an influence in the Community you serve?  As I covered in a previous article, every Grange needs a niche, the indentifying project or event that makes you a household name in your community.  

Who do we serve?  Your State Grange serves the best interest of all citizens of Connecticut and all of the Members of the Connecticut State Grange. Your Community Grange needs to be serving the best interest of the citizens within your community and the individual members of your Grange.  Are you doing this?  How?  Ask yourself.  Have an open discussion at one of your next meetings to assess if you are truly meeting the needs of your community and members, I am sure you will be surprised by the answer.

It is empowering to ask these questions, and when answered honestly, it will make us a stronger organization, not only state wide but nationally as well.

So let me the question one more time.  Would anyone really notice if the Grange did not exist tomorrow?  


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