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President's Message
President's Message -- Knowing when to exit

By Jody A. Cameron, Connecticut State Grange President

  MARCH 6, 2014 --

We've spoken quite a bit about leadership and the various elements thereof.  We have outlined and identified the requirements to be an effective leader.  We have yet to discuss the time for a leader to exit.

An effective leader must continually analyze their effectiveness to the project, team or organization and when someone else's skills are now required or you have come to the point that your membership, team or yourselves have decided you should move on.  What will your legacy look like?

I firmly believe a true leader is more of a supporter and a mentor than a guide.  When you lead by serving in the capacity of a mentor or a supporter you will more clearly see the true direction of your project, group or organization.

You will clearly see the needs of all involved.  Once a new leader is selected and assumes the position, having been a servant leader will ensure a smooth transition from a leadership role to a team member role and will strengthen the team and will enable you to accomplish amazing results.  I realize the difficulty in moving on to a new position but when we allow our egos to impede the advancement of our organization it is hurtful to our entire organization.

I challenge everyone who is a leader to assess your role in the team and develop strategies to make us stronger, more vibrant and more relevant in every community.

I know we are the Grange that everyone speaks so fondly of and I also know by each of us consciously developing better leadership skills we will exceed the expectations of all of our predecessors.

The Connecticut State Grange is constantly looking for ways to improve our member's leadership skills.  All members will have an opportunity to this on Sunday, March 23 when the CSG and the Rhode Island State Grange present a special membership workshop with National Membership Director Michael Martin.  The Workshop is entitled, "Grow Your Grange - Impact your Community” and will be held at Ekonk Community Grange Hall from 1-4 P.M.  There is no charge for this workshop and refreshments will be served following the meeting.  

Please RSVP to me at 860-564-7614 or president@ctstategrange.org.  We would love to see a full hall... please take advantage of this opportunity.


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