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President's Message
President's Message: April is Grange Month

By George Russell, CT State Grange President

  April 1, 2021 --

April is Grange Month. What is your Grange doing to celebrate this month? Let’s promote our Granges by putting articles in newspapers, on Facebook or whatever you have to promote your Grange in our community. You could also invite potential members to join you on your Zoom meetings or to join your in-person meeting if you meet in your hall or meeting place. Have your Lecturer put on a special program to promote Grange month. Let’s celebrate Grange month!

As the Governor is starting to reduce restrictions on our State, Granges should be getting back to meeting regularly, either in person or by Zoom and we should be planning our spring fundraisers. We must continue to practice the COVID protocols by self-distancing, wearing our masks and keeping hand sanitizer available for our members and guests. The Governor is talking about reducing self- distancing from 6 feet to 3 feet, so we will wait and see.  I know there are a lot of Granges already active and doing their fundraisers. Remember, the loan/grant money of $1,000 is available to Granges that own their halls to catch up on their bills. Just send your request to the State Secretary.

We’ve had our second Pink Sash Meeting at the end of February and invited the Subordinate Presidents. One of the major issues that we discussed was the cost of owning and running a Grange Hall.        It was suggested that we have a questionnaire sent out to the Grangers to fill out and return on what it costs them to run their halls. I have sent out a questionnaire to all the Granges to fill out and return to me by April 15.  I will set up a Zoom meeting in May so we can go over the various costs of running a Grange Hall if you own your building or if you rent a hall.  So please fill this out and get it back to me.   I would appreciate it.

So, in closing let’s remember to keep our spirits up and get back to work and finish out this Grange year on a high note. Stay safe and healthy and don’t forget to get vaccinated.



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