Friday, June 09, 2023
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President's Message
President's Message: Upcoming Events

By Noel Miller, CT State Grange President

  june 6, 2018 --

What wild weather we had in May with damaging winds and hail having some effect on our Grangers in the western section of the state. May we all get through the hassles of clean-up and insurance paperwork to get back to normal. We always talk about the weather because it is ever changing. We remember those years of wet or droughty summers, freezing cold or mild winters, early plantings or later than ever plantings. With the weather patterns we have to adapt to change, so we must adapt to changes in the Grange.

When our founding fathers designed the Grange in 1867 did they think it would survive 150 years later? I think they would have thought the message would be the same but the presentation would adapt to the times, so we need to reach out with open arms to the new ideas of today’s potential members. Through our values and moral fiber of Honesty, Charity, Ethical, Fairness, we need to reach out to the next leaders of the Grange and see what they can do to expand our Grange into the next 150 years. We should never give up our principles for “That is the Grange Way,” but like the grasses and the trees bend to the high wind yet stand tall in the calm.

The CWA’s “Let’s Celebrate” starts June 9 and 10. Make sure the entries are in before judging on Saturday. Grange Sunday is on the 10th and the Youth and Juniors will have soup and sandwiches and dessert like last year. The Talent Contest is to follow. Join in the fun.

The new Pomona Granges seem to be moving forward and response from former members are warm. Don’t give up your membership to the Pomona Grange. Come out to the new Pomona Granges and see what’s new in them. The more the merrier.

State Session is just around the corner. This is the time to write resolutions that will be acted on at the State Session and some can go on to National Grange in Vermont. State Session is open to everyone, although only Delegates can vote, there are opportunities for all at State Session. You may get inspired to run for an office in your Community Grange.

As the summer vacation time approaches, remember to meet during the summer and to celebrate with picnics and fun. Fairs will be about and look for the Connecticut Grown flyer from the Department of Agriculture for the Connecticut State Grange advertisement.

I found an old Granger paper from when I was Director of the Ag. Committee, which talked about the newborns at the UConn Campus farms and the arrival of school buses, as signs of spring with school children’s first experience with agriculture being their visits to the farms. It was as important then as it is now that our children know where their food comes from and the importance of locally grown produce. So support local farmers’ markets and set up a stand for membership and spread the word that the Grange is still here. “That is the Grange Way.”


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