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President's Message
Every officer must do their best

By Jody A. Cameron, Connecticut State Grange President

  SEPTEMBER 5, 2013 --

It is a little hard to believe summer is gone but with that brings installation season.  If your Grange has elected  officers this year I strongly encourage you to make sure they are properly installed.

The lessons of the installation ceremony are meaningful and clearly explain the purpose and function of each office.

If you are newly elected to a position, I congratulate you and encourage you to learn and understand all that goes with your office.

If you are retiring from a position I’m sure your successor would heartily welcome you as their mentor while they learn all that goes with their office.

Our “ritual” when taken seriously and executed to the best of each officer’s ability is not only impressive but adds to a well run, organized, efficient meeting.  Many members claim they do not like our ritual but I am unclear as to what they are referring.  A ritual is something one does routinely.  Most rituals are for necessity and efficiency.  Our “ritual” of opening a meeting, order of business and closing a meeting are designed to be efficient, effective and instructive.

Without a structure we would have constant chaos and disorder.  Members rights would be violated by not allowing each member to be heard and we would offer little importance to the community.

In order for us to achieve the goals each of our Granges set for ourselves every officer must do their best to always do their best.

When we invite guests into our halls their first impression is their only impression.  I constantly remind everyone, perception is always confused for reality.

By encouraging your members and yourself to truly listen to the installation charges, I am sure each officer will be inspired to take their Grange to the next level of greatness that we all know every one of our Granges can achieve.


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