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President's Message
President's Message: That's The Grange Way

By Noel T. Miller, CT State Grange President

  December 5, 2017 --

THAT’S THE GRANGE WAY is the new battle call from the 151st National Grange Convention held in Spokane, Washington. This is a positive phrase, not the negative one, like “that’s the way we have always done it.” That’s the Grange Way represents the overcoming we do in our communities. With the dinners, community service projects, Dictionary Project, sewing items, food banks, scholarships, Foster children, volunteer work, fairs, demands all hands on deck to get the work done.

“That’s the Grange Way” is how we get it done. The National Grange Convention started out with snow and the rumbling of snow plows early in the morning. The convention was one day shorter so many committees met before hand to get an early start on resolutions. Our three resolutions, “Use of the Word Milk” fell under National Grange policy. The resolution on the Connecticut Valley National Heritage Corridor was considered a state issue and the Image/Likeness Rights of Grange Members was rejected.

We congratulate Ekonk Community Grange #89 for taking third place with their Community Service book. Sterling, Mass. Took first place and second place went to Portland, ME. All New England! Ekonk Community Grange also received Distinguished Grange for the sixth year. The Gervais and Sharpe families received honors for the Grange Legacy families, new this year. Charles Bierce of Riverton Grange #169 won second place for his best of show photo. Good job to all of you winners, “That’s the Grange Way.”

The convention also had election of officers for the National Grange and Brother Phil Prelli was elected Overseer Good luck in this new position. Betsy Huber retained her position as National Master, as most of the officers remained the same.

While at the convention we had the report on the AC chiller and furnace. On the last day of the convention we learned that it will be covered under the insurance policy. This will cover over $450,000 of the costs needed for the replacement of the two systems to make them into one. With donations and loans there is enough for the project to be completed. Our youth team did not raise enough money to put a pie in Phil Prelli’s face but we were the fourth highest raiser for the Youth Fund. Thank you, Jaimie for raising that money at our State Session. “That’s the Grange Way.”

All of the new Pomona Granges have met and new by-laws committees are or have written new by-laws. Read them and let your thoughts be known before they are voted on, these are what you will be following in the new Pomona. Take your time and get it right the first time.

The State Master’s Conference will be in Oregon the first weekend in March. The westerners are tired of travel east so it’s our turn to travel. The report of the California State Grange legal battle is in the courts, we have won and monies have been returned to the California State Grange and they have given money back to the National Grange for legal expenses. But the California Guild, as they call themselves is still pushing Grangers and National Grange for money they do not deserve. We need to keep on top of this to protect all Granges and the National Grange.

This is the time of year that we all reflect on the past year and look at our strengths and weaknesses. We prepare for the New Year and this is the time for family and friends. Let us celebrate all the joys and happiness that are around us this Christmas season and let’s not forget the members we don’t see at our meetings and those less fortunate and help out as Grangers are known to do. “That’s the Grange Way”. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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