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President's Message
June 2010 President's Message

By Robert Sendewicz, Master/President

  JUNE 2010 --

We had a beautiful day for the cleanup at Camp Berger and a great crew to do the work. All the work was done with enough time left to get cleaned up a little and head up to Winchester Grange.

Before the dinner I had a meeting with three of the camp trustees, the camp director and several members of the State Board of Directors. The camp director presented his plans for the camp this year and we discussed the responsibilities of the trustees in the relationship of the five year plan we had set up. We have a great program for this year and are expecting an outstanding camping season.

As usual, the members of Winchester Grange prepared and served a delicious dinner to a large and hungry crowd. I want to thank them for their efforts and also the many members who came for the Pink Sash meeting.

The meeting followed dinner and many items were discussed. State Overseer, Jody Cameron, gave a presentation on the Grange Growth program that is being conducted in the state. He laid out the plans on how we will grow the program and how we will grow the membership in our state.

Board of Directors Chairman, Phil Prelli, explained the revamped agenda for this year's State Session. He went into great detail of what our plans are and why. He also went over what the frequently asked questions were and what their answers were. These details should be in this month's publication.

We in the board are doing this in the hopes of increasing participation of delegates and members in our State Session and to make it a really great session to showcase and honor the hard work we all have done the past year. If we keep this in mind I think we will all enjoy the session this year.

Earlier I mentioned Camp Berger. At the last Board of Directors meeting it was decided to make one of the Camp Trustees the Director of the Trustees. With the approval of the Board of Directors I have appointed Linda Coad the Director of the Camp Berger Trustees. We are sure she will do an excellent job in working with the Trustees and the Camp Director in making our camp great again.

Now that spring is really here get out and enjoy it. I have already attended two spring fairs and there are many more Grange activities to enjoy.


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