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President's Message
President's Message: Opportunity Knocks!

By Noel Miller, CT State Grange President

  JULY 5, 2016 --

     “Knock, Knock”

     “Who’s There?”


     “Opportunity who?”

     “Don’t let the opportunity for free stuff pass you by.”

     The State Grange has given your Granges many opportunities for free promotional items for membership.  Our Community Service committee has a $150 grant for a new Community Service Project.  And the State Office has surplus regalia and furniture available for Community Granges, all you need to do is ask.  The State Secretary has new 25 year and new 30, 35, 40, and 45 year certificates available (at no cost) for your members.  Many have taken advantage of these certificates to honor their members for their hard work and commitment to the Order.

     As members of the National Grange you should check out the free offerings of the National Grange, by logging on to their website you can see all the discounts and items that your membership to the Grange makes available to you.  From hotels, car rentals, discount store membership, eyeglasses, medical supplies and many more are there.  Check it out, after all you have paid for this service, take advantage of it.

     Inspections are going well, though some re-schedules have been necessary due to officers being away, but you should be receiving reports back to your Granges soon.  It is sad to report that Putnam Grange #97 has voted to turn in their Charter.  Though they have been operating since 1889 it is hard to see the work of so many members of the past and present just vanish from our roll call of Granges.

     I hope that everyone is working of resolutions to present at this year’s State Session.  The grassroots power of the Grange is our heritage.  From our humble beginning we have taken on the Goliath of unfairness, and have worked together to victory over evil.

     One thing we have seen is the great longevity of our members.  This is the year of 50 year Golden Sheaf Certificates to many who we have seen grow up through the Grange and I congratulate them on their success.  I have also seen a good number of 75 year and 80 year awards.  My what these members have seen and done for our Grange.  I contratulate them for their commitment to our Order and for being an inspiration to all of us.  When we are called upon to help at a function, an activity, a dinner, a part in the Lecturer’s program, step up and accept the honor to help out.

     A reminder of the CWA needlework and craft contest July 30 & 31 at Hillstown Grange in East Hartford.  I know that this committee has worked hard for this event, moving it to July to hopefully get more items entered.  Let us support them and visit this event with good food, good friendship, and good luck to those that enter.  Show your Grange spirit!  See you there!

     Summertime is the time for outdoor events, farmer’s markets and community events.  Get out and put up a card table, get brochures from the State Grange office and tell your Grange story and sell your Grange.  Remind the public that the National Grange is celebrating its 150th anniversary.  We have a proven record of being fun, honest, hard working, friendly, family oriented, community minded, neighbors with a  great love of agriculture.  Get out and pitch some hay.  Happy summer and keep COOL!!!


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