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Membership Tips

Faith Quinlan
Winchester Grange #74
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Membership Moment for October

As an Associate member of Greenfield Hill Grange, the past few years have been full of worry, waiting, and wonder. The word was out that the beloved historic building and local Grange was at risk of closing…a call was put out to the community and all who enjoyed use of the Grange Hall, and we had a flood of new members!

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The Obligation

Do you remember when you took the Obligation? Were you scared or nervous? Do you actually remember what was said to you and did you think about that to which you were asked to agree?

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What is in it for me?

Have you ever been talking with some about the Grange and heard them ask, “What’s in it for me?” Maybe you’ve even thought this yourself.

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Results, Results, Results

Every day each of us is faced with a list of tasks to accomplish. When people look back at what you have done, and how effective you were in doing this, they are going to remember the results that you achieved.

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It is that time of year again when we are all thinking about time. Time past and time to come. We take time to remember what we dreamed and planned, and time to enjoy our accomplishments of the past year. So, now is the time to dream some new dreams.

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First Impressions

Have you ever seen someone join an organization and attend one meeting and then never return? It was likely that their first impression of the group was a poor or negative encounter. It is crucial that every first impression of the Grange is a positive experience for every new and potential member.

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Think Big

Put together the same people, doing the same thing, and you will get the same thing over and over. If your Grange wants to attract new members, try thinking big. Thinking big means you plan on doing something that will not be easy. In other words, do something that will be difficult.

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Look to the Future

Do you want to have the opportunity to recruit the most new members? If so, your focus must be to look into the future. History is great and it is positive to see what your Grange has done in the past and what impact it has had. However, that isn’t what gets most people to join today.

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Create A Grange Newsletter / Hand Out

When was the last time someone gave you something to read because they thought you would like it? Does your Grange have a newsletter or a hand-out for your members? If not, it's time to have a team of your members put one together. Make sure that it is positive and tells what your Grange is planning as well as what you've done.

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Build on the Good

Do your fellow Grange members have a negative attitude? If you want to get new members a crucial thing to work on is getting your current members to change to a positive attitude. The first step is to take the time to evaluate what your members enjoy about the Grange. Find the things that make them feel good.

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