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Membership Tips
Create A Grange Newsletter / Hand Out
  DECEMBER 2008 --

When was the last time someone gave you something to read because they thought you would like it? Does your Grange have a newsletter or a hand-out for your members? If not, it's time to have a team of your members put one together. Make sure that it is positive and tells what your Grange is planning as well as what you've done. It's also a great way to keep members informed of happenings and milestones with other members. If your Grange doesn't currently have a newsletter, take a look at the Connecticut Granger, or neighboring Grange's newsletters for ideas.

When you have a newsletter that is positive and informative, find a non-member that you see on a regular basis and give it to them. Let them know that you think they will enjoy reading it. Don't pressure them, just give them the newsletter.

Next time you see them, ask what they thought about the newsletter. If something interested them, they'll ask questions. Be sure to give them answers and then ask them to join. If they don't ask questions, try again with your next newsletter.

Start giving away your Grange newsletter and watch your Grange grow!


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