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Membership News
Membership Notes

By Joanne Cipriano, Membership Director

  JANUARY 2007 --

The Membership Committee met prior to the Pink Sash meeting on December 2nd. Where we did not come up with any quick fix, everyone expressed their ideas for getting and keeping our present members.

State Master Bob gave me a book titled "75+ Ways to Attract and Retain New Members." I'm sure we would all be happy to find one way. As I write this I have not read all of the book yet; but, as you are reading this I sure I will have read it. We will be passing these ideas on to you.

I will also be attending the Leader's Conference in Rhode Island in January and hope to get some suggestions from the other states.

Any of the members of our committee will be happy to come to your Grange to discuss membership. Letters will be send out in January offering our services.

To get some new and different perspective on membership, this column will be share with the other members of the committee.

Next month you will hear from Marion Bradley.


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