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Around The Grange
Remembering a dedicated Grange member

By Duane K. Wetmore

  SEPTEMBER 2007 --

This is a story about a dedicated Grange member, who passed away earlier this year.  Had he lived another month, he would have received an eighty year certificate. 

George H. Andrews, Sr. joined Cheshire Grange #23 on April 6, 1927, and remained a member until Hamden Grange #99 was reorganized in 1939, and he became a charter member and was elected the first Master.  During his time in Hamden Grange, as a very active member, he spent many years as the secretary of Hamden Grange.  New Haven County Pomona #5 became a large part of his life, as well, and he was elected Master for a two year term, 1945-46.

George was a life-long resident of Hamden and I had the privilege of knowing him all my life.

With his wife, Marsha, always by his side, Hamden Grange #99 was the beneficiary of two dedicated Grangers, for many many years.  Both were 7th Degree members.  There is usually a beginning and an ending and when Hamden Grange #99 had to surrender its Charter a few years ago, and merged with Cheshire Grange #23, we brought George Andrews back home.


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