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Oct News from Bridgewater Grange No. 153

By Dean Perry

  OCTOBER 5, 2023 --

Carol Wilbur thanked all the Grange members for helping at the Bridgewater Fair on August 18,19 and 20. Carol is an active Grange member as well as being active at Saint Marks Church and the Bridgewater Fire Department. She was a recipient of the Grange Community Service Award before joining as a member

Some things we decided for the upcoming months.

We did not have a food stand at the Bridgewater Beer and Wine Tasting on Sept 16, at least this year. We did plan a cleanup of Grange stuff at the town’s storage barn and organized our stuff in Saint Marks on Sept 23.

We will start volunteering for the Loaves and Fishes program in New Milford again. Possible date is Oct 7. We will do it on the first Saturday of each month.

We WILL be having a roast beef dinner on Saturday Oct. 21 2023. Unfortunately, this conflicts with the Connecticut State Grange session. But it was the best available time. We will have an eat-in roast beef dinner and some music at Saint Mark’s fellowship hall.

We plan on another big Halloween event at Saint Marks on Tuesday October 31st. Witches, ghosts, goblins and more will be passing out candy to kids for the Bridgewater Trunk or Treat. Elvira promised to come. We will also have the Phantom of the Opera playing the organ.

In November we will do our Thanksgiving baskets and visits to the elderly and homebound.

In December we will do the Christmas tree lighting. We will serve refreshments. Santa and his helpers will be there again.

The Bridgewater Grange continues to be active in the community.



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