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Aug News from Beacon Valley Grange No. 103

By Joanne Cipriano

  AUGUST 8, 2023 --

In the last Granger I reported on our 134th anniversary, I forgot two highlights of the meeting. Number 1 – At the meeting of Nutmeg Pomona on June 4th I was given a check from Betty Jane and Roy Harrington as a donation to help pay for our new roof. It was a Check for $1,000.00.

In my wildest dreams I could never imagined receiving donation in this amount. I was in a state of shock. It was a nice surprise for our members when it was announced at our anniversary meeting.  Our members will forever be grateful. It really will help paying down our debt.

Number 2 - As we did not have a nomination for the “Citizen of the Year“ we went with Plan B and had a “Granger of the Year”. Barbara Robert of Bethlehem Grange was chosen to receive this award. Barbara has been a valuable friend to our Grange helping with all our activities especially our tag sale. We thank her for accepting our award and coming to our meeting. Also, thanks to Eloise Osuch for chauffeuring our honoree.

Our August meeting is on the 11th and our flower is the “Poppy”. It will be our annual picnic with a pot luck supper at 6 o’clock. September meeting is on the 8th – program “Aster” Joanne Cipriano in charge. Refreshments to be served by John Taylor.

I just came in from our meeting.

Our theme for the coming year is “Fruits and Vegetables.’” Carol Brooks was elected to the Executive Committee for a 3- year term. All other officers remain the same as did most of the committees.

We had a good size limb fall from one of the evergreen trees. Thanks to Frank Behlman for taking care of this problem and Ron Fischer who takes care of mowing the grass.



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