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Aug News from N. Stonington Community Grange No. 138

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  AUGUST 5, 2023 --

Sept. 8: Spanish Exploration

Sept. 22: Roanoke Colony and Jamestown

The program for our one meeting in July was conducted by Cheree Miner and we had a lively game of Trivial Pursuit, one side of the hall against the other. Cheree also provided the delicious ice cream sundaes for refreshments. Our programs for next year will be based on wars through the years.

A local carpenter removed one end of one the counters in the kitchen making it possible for us to move the big freezer out of the dining hall. This makes it more convenient for the kitchen crew and gives more room in the hall.

The Miner family and Jeff Barnes have planted the big planters in front of the Rec building, significantly brightening up the landscape along Route 2.

The North Stonington Agricultural Fair was a success despite the fact that they had to cancel Sunday due to the threat of dangerous storms. And if that red-tailed hawk that likes to sit on the outdoor fireplace will just find another place to hunt next time we will tell you about awesome August.



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