Saturday, December 02, 2023
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Au News from Vernon Grange No. 52

By Irene Percoski

  AUGUST 1, 2023 --

Aug. 4: Potluck Picnic – Get In The Game

Sept. 1: International Peace Day (World Peace)

Oct. 6: Witches seen- Tis near Halloween. Stay tuned for location.

A Mid-century Knight was a very special kind of person. Selected at a young age and raised and carefully trained as they prepared to follow a strict rule of conduct. Knights were usually sponsored by the Lord of the castle and expected to protect and defend it with his life. To gain distinction they decorated their shields with symbols to indicate what they stood for, thus called a coat of arms. This was the beginning of family crests which many families today still use.

As part of the program each of us was asked to create our own Family crest with materials our Lecturer provided. We all had fun designing them. A few sad puns and a funny skit rounded out the program.

A donation was made to the Historical Society in appreciation for the use of the building, and one member of the Exec. Comm. was elected. Next Month will be our annual picnic. Either here or at the Strong farm, depends on the weather. Contact Nancy for more information. This is a plea for all members to please make the effort to come to the picnic and celebrate some milestones for long time members.



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