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Around The Grange
July Musings from Winchester Grange

By Todd Gelineau

  JULY 8, 2023 --

July 11: Let’s Go Swimming, Ref. Sue Addison

July 25: In the Good Old Summertime (Country Store), Ref. Rae Fassio

Aug. 8: Fair Set-Up, Ref. Pam Wright

Aug. 22: Awards Night- Open House, Picnic Supper

Aug. 12: Grange Fair & Comm. Tag Sale, 9 to 2.

Winchester’s first public event (other than our annual Grange Fair) was held on June 24-- our Super Prize Party (re-branded as the Teacup Auction). The hall was filled with eager guests and lots of great prizes. Our thanks to Patrick O’Brien who went above and beyond to solicit prizes from so many local businesses. Even the former Mayor donated the use of a pontoon boat with wine and cheese as a prize. Before expenses, the auction raised just over $1,000.

There was considerable debate at the Grange about bringing back our Strawberry Festival for this year and it was decided to put that off one year and hold the Teacup Auction instead this year. With the minimal amount of work and the donated prizes, our only expense is the snacks and drinks sold. In the end, the profit is much more considering the huge expense of the Strawberry Festival.

Thank you to everyone who donated prizes, worked at the event and bought tickets.


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